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Clothing of Women Salwar Kameez

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Clothing of Women 
Over the period of timeSalwar Kameez has become the most popular and comfortable attire of females belonging to the Indian sub-continent. Since ages Salwar Kameez has been worn by both men and women as the history of this dress dates back to the 12th century, the Islamic era. Salwar kameez was later popularized in the Mughal era when both men and womencommonly wore this dress.

Royal women of the Mughal era introduced salwar kameez to the general public and since then the popularity of salwar kameez increased day by day making it a hot favorite of everyfashion fanatic. The immense popularity of this dress has left fashion designers experiment this dress into several forms and designs to satisfy the fashion crave of each and every one.
Salwar kameez are mostly worn according to the season as there is great fluctuation of weather in Indian sub-continent and most of the time in the year the weather is hot and humid. To beat the heat of summer one needs to wear the salwar kameez made up of light stuff like cotton that not only give relief from heat but it is also good for the skin as it absorbs body sweat and leaves the skin dry. The salwar kameez made of silk and georgette with heavy embroideries is usually preferred in winters as one is comfortable wearing them in winters.
Salwar kameez made of cot’s wool are highly preferred during winters as these are quite heavy and helps to keep the body warm in winters. Seeing the huge demand and popularity of salwar kameez designers have come out with salwar kameez that are tailor-made to meet the wearer’s requirement in every season. Today catering the huge demand of salwar kameez every designer is coming up with the exciting range of this dress.

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